‘Wham!’ Or ‘Welcome to the Wigwam!’


Welcome, weary internet travellers, to the personal haven of my mindless, raving, ramblings.

Ok, so maybe not that mindless, considering every post has probaby been drafted at least, like, once… OK, ok, a bunch of times. But hey, hurling stuff at the internet can be intimidating, like debating the damage over-tunneling can cause to a planet with an Exogorth (they are really strong debaters – just look at that poker face!).

That’s probably why it’s taken so long from setting up the site to this, the inaugral blog post of the S.S. Colback.

*belches foghorn noise*

But, with a steadily growing backcatalogue of published short stories, two full length novels in progress, and a shared world project lined up, I figured it’s probably time to cobble together a little space here in the Web of the famous Inter spider.

Fair warning though; this literary Wigwam will be made of and held together by pure word-vomit, that most delightful of substances. And with a house move impending, a tiny human on the way, and a multitude of other ‘life stuffs’ going on, I offer no guarantees as to the level of this ‘ere blog regarding sense and sensibility.

All that said, if you enjoy reading things made of words, and the spilling of thoughts regarding various things related to those words, then come on in. Get comfy. You might just enjoy it here 🙂

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