‘Jazz Funk Robots’ or ‘Twitter & Engaging’

jazzbot1043005-470914-34Today I cleared 2k followers on Twitter!

*lone party popper goes off*

Really this is a miniscule milestone when compared to others, such as those celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers, all of whom it transpires are in fact jazz funk robots here to farm humans; inviting unsuspecting fans into their chest cavities to be pulped into lovely, juicy, robot fuel to power the groove... nom nom?

But I try not to compare personal moments or achievements to others (and I stress try, sometimes it happens despite best intentions).
It’s always better to view these things – achievements/milestones – in a vacuum, so as not to take the shine off them.

Unless said thing is a turd – NEVER view a turd in a vacuum, not unless you want to get stuck in a temporal paradox. And man, trust me, you do not want that.

But I digress; if an achievement or an accomplishment feels good to you, then it is good. Others achievements and accomplishments are not there as a measuring stick, they are there to be celebrated and to serve as a reminder that you can do it too.

To me, just now, 2k feels pretty good. It might not be human chomping, bass slapping, funky robot good (YET), but in my book it’s damn fine.
So thank you everyone who finds my face and the words that tumble from it inoffensive enough to follow.

I’m not great at the Twittering. Twatting? Oh, Tweeting! Yeah, not the best at that.
I love the connections you can make on Twitter, and the writing community therein especially.

I’ve met some truly wonderful humans there, and some not half bad non-humans too.
There are so many supportive people, so many positive stories, so many struggles we share discussed; it’s amazing really (and also where TL;DR Press became a little Teal Deer fetus, or egg, or whatever deer’s are while gestating).

I’m just not always great at engaging.

I always want to engage, but sometimes I feel weird doing so. I know I shouldn’t. I mean, that’s how this thing works. We throw our thoughts, our views, our creations, out into the ether and then we engage with each other over them in glorious conversation.

Just occasionally the anxiety of interacting with people on a public platform can become a bit much. I stop interacting. I retract, a cold penis shrinking back towards the safety of the body.
I’m working on this, but if you see me go quiet for a while, it’s possible I’m just taking a little time. Getting warm enough to ‘hang loose’ once more.

That never takes long either because I always remember a single fact. The people of the writing community are freakin’ awesome!

It was in fact the twitterverse and the writers there, hanging like golden stars within it, that got me back into writing in the first place, after a good couple of years lurking on various reddit writing forums and plotting (stories, as opposed to, or actually as well as, world domination) without ever writing anything of substance.

I was smacked right in the face with a confetti cannon of positive vibes by the writing community on Twitter. And it was infectious. As a result I went on to have 7 short stories published that year.

I want to return those vibes, to give them to others like myself. To spread inclusion and encouragement, to share in struggles and be there screaming to get up and push on because you got this shit.

So I just want to say thank you to those I interact and engage with, to those I don’t, to those I am yet to, and to the writing community as a whole.

Stay awesome, and get ready to eat positive vibes.

*aims confetti gatling gun*


‘Wham!’ Or ‘Welcome to the Wigwam!’


Welcome, weary internet travellers, to the personal haven of my mindless, raving, ramblings.

Ok, so maybe not that mindless, considering every post has probaby been drafted at least, like, once… OK, ok, a bunch of times. But hey, hurling stuff at the internet can be intimidating, like debating the damage over-tunneling can cause to a planet with an Exogorth (they are really strong debaters – just look at that poker face!).

That’s probably why it’s taken so long from setting up the site to this, the inaugral blog post of the S.S. Colback.

*belches foghorn noise*

But, with a steadily growing backcatalogue of published short stories, two full length novels in progress, and a shared world project lined up, I figured it’s probably time to cobble together a little space here in the Web of the famous Inter spider.

Fair warning though; this literary Wigwam will be made of and held together by pure word-vomit, that most delightful of substances. And with a house move impending, a tiny human on the way, and a multitude of other ‘life stuffs’ going on, I offer no guarantees as to the level of this ‘ere blog regarding sense and sensibility.

All that said, if you enjoy reading things made of words, and the spilling of thoughts regarding various things related to those words, then come on in. Get comfy. You might just enjoy it here 🙂